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What Makes Sacred Sovereignty with Vida Groman Stand Out

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About Sacred Sovereignty with Vida Groman

I’m Vida Groman, a Madison-based life coach offering online sessions for individuals and couples coaching, self-compassion coaching, spiritual healing, counseling services, and more. I will be offering group coaching experiences in the near future. I began my carer as a guidance counselor working in Madison, Wisconsin, public schools. I went on to work for the Department of Health and Social Services in the field of alcohol and drug abuse, where I learned how to facilitate groups. After this, I started my coaching practice.

Through the years, I have offered my work through state agencies, private corporations, and publicly. The blend of individual coaching and group teaching allows me to use all of my skills and talents.

The Sacred Sovereignty with Vida Groman Difference

At Sacred Sovereignty with Vida Groman, I offer a multi-sensory approach. Through the teachings of Dawna Markova, a beloved teacher of mine, I am aware that people learn differently and, therefore, heal differently based on their learning patterns. Each person has a unique approach to taking in information and expressing it in the world. I step into their model of the world and join them.

I consider my ability and healing presence to be a blessing. My willingness to innovate and improvise in a moment based on what I am receiving sets me apart. Although I teach specific essential tools and skills, there is no cookie-cutter approach to what I do.

There are many accomplished and effective practitioners out there. However, I can say that I bring the unique tool of Personal Thinking Patterns (PTP) to the table, which most other practitioners don’t know about. PTP helps me create an approach that is unique to that person.

I was at an event a few years ago, and a woman I had supported years before came up to me and told me that I had saved her partnership, and she and her partner were eternally grateful to me. I have had that happen many times, and moments such as this have given me immense satisfaction. Nothing means more to me than being able to offer work that changes lives.

My dream is to offer more group experiences to people and to keep doing what I love, helping people.

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