By Life Coach, Therapist & Soul Directed Healer based in Madison, WI

Group Programs

  • Life Switch Circle
  • Personal Thinking Patterns: The Landscape of My Mind
  • Personal Thinking Patterns: Couples Edition
  • Finding the Power Within Me
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries
  • Befriending My Mind
  • Righting the Wrong of Trying

A Thursday night weekly 20-30 min sharing on zoom
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This is a time, each week, for Respite from the chaos of the world to ground, connect and reset with yourself and others.

6 week experiential online program for small groups 8-10 people
Individuals receive and express information in different ways. As a result, many miscommunications occur at work and within our intimate relationships. These miscommunications may and often do lead to conflicts and deep hurts.

The Personal Thinking Pattern Model is a concrete tool that can help you learn, process and communicate more effectively in the world. PTP also helps us to know ourselves more deeply so we can grow our self -compassion, learn how we are uniquely creative and what we need to create satisfying lives.

A 6 week program for couples to learn about their own pattern as well as their partners.
Intimate Relationships require two people from two different backgrounds to come together. This isn’t easy, as we all know. It helps to know your and your partner’s personal thinking patterns. Why? Because your thinking pattern affects every interaction you engage in. During these 6 weeks, you will learn to communicate on a deeper level, grow your curiosity and respect for your uniqueness without compromising your individuality. This is part of the foundation of a healthy partnership that can get you through the tough times.

A 6 week experiential circle for women who want to learn how to use their feminine energy in powerful ways. Based on The Art of Feminine Presence, I will guide you through energetic and physical practices that connect you with your power, sensuality, voice, creativity and more.

3 week experience for women to Center in their bodies. After centering, we will learn how to set boundaries using our bodies, words and energy. When we can learn how to say no, our yes becomes much more powerful.

6 week program
We are more than our minds but most of us don’t know that. Our thoughts can run and ruin our lives when they come from the fear based approach to life. In Befriending My Mind, you will explore how we can recognize the Saboteurs of our mind…those thoughts that can take us down and learn how to transform them into the Sage or wise part of your mind. From the Sage perspective, you will learn how to use your mind for your highest good.


A 6 week writing experience in a safe space where we can find our words to share with each other about living life from the place of Allowing and not Trying.

More circles will be created based on the needs of my community as time goes by