About Vida Groman

Madison-based Life Coach offering Individual, Couples Coaching, Mental Health, Self Compassion Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Counseling Services, and more

Sacred Sovereignty with Vida Groman

About Vida

For over 35 years, I have worked as a therapist, life coach, and healer with individuals, couples and small groups, and as a teacher and facilitator with private and public organizations.

My work begins with my name. Vida, in Spanish, means LIFE. In Hebrew, Vida, the girl’s name for David, means BELOVED. BELOVED LIFE. For me, that has always meant living one’s life fully alive and with passion, authenticity, joy and purpose. What does Beloved Life mean to you?

How do you live fully alive?

That has been the guiding question for my work. What I know is that being connected to your true nature and to a Source greater than yourself is at the heart of the journey. To that end, I support you to connect deeply with your inner wisdom and Source by helping to remove self limiting beliefs and the chains that bind you. Then, I help you to find what you truly yearn for. From that place, you can “dream into being” the life you are truly meant to live. With my caring support, you will then use your gifts, talents and ways of “being woman” to help heal yourself and the world you live in.

Why do I mainly with women? (I do also support heart centered men)

For one thing, I know about being a woman. From my personal personal journey, I have learned, sometimes the hard way, how to let go of old ways of “being woman” which include pleasing others, giving our dreams away for the sake of others and much more. I know, first hand, what it takes to let go of the old fears, beliefs and “holdings on” that keep a person prisoner in her own life. I know the price we pay for not letting go. Feel familiar to you?

I also like to think on a visionary level. And this is a time on the planet when we are being asked to raise our awareness and consciousness to the next level for the good of all. In order to do that, we are being asked to step into our greatness and our full power. Women have not always been given the room and support that would enable them to walk in their power. In fact, women don’t always know what feminine power really is. Would you like to know?

I am dedicated to helping you create your life big and deep and full of what you yearn for. You are invited to step onto your path and play full out. Are you ready? Get In Touch with me.