- Tom

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“None could imagine, before hand, how one’s world can be reshaped — of a sudden, and in retrospect — by the mere knowledge as to how one is set up (by birth, it would appear) to receive input from the outside world, especially as this relates to interaction with other people. My wife and I partook of this short course (Perceptual Thinking Pattern assessment) in revelation together (all of an hour, perhaps), and one understands — in about an instant — what the source of all too many useless arguments have been based upon … which is almost nothing. — Other than an inability to see what’s right before our eyes (and is so extremely simple, but just could not be appreciated until this knowledge is placed before one’s eyes).

It doesn’t hurt (or shouldn’t, anyway!) — it’s mere information, self discovery. One simply identifies the nature or shape of one’s portals for perception, to coin a phrase. And who knew that our ways of perceiving could be so different, one from the other?! With this information, one simply knows, henceforward, the patterns of one’s self (and the other), and in the appreciation of this knowledge, life can reorder itself quite simply, naturally and wonderfully. What amazing stuff!”