The Pentimento Process teaches you the art of living awake and fully alive!


Testimonials for my seminars:

“It is said that when the student is ready the teacher will arrive. She did arrive for me and her name is Vida Groman. Her talent, experience and rich perspective supported me in building bridges of understanding with the people in my life”.
Rob Van Nevel, formly with Lands End, Madison, WI


“I’ve been fortunate to take several courses from Vida. Each one was packed full of practical tools, insights and knowledge. Her teaching speaks to the heart, and will stay with you a long, long time.”
Betty Les, Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources, Retired


“Perhaps the best thing about working with Vida is that she makes you feel that she really cares about you. I leave her classes feeling like I’ve just had an enriching experience with a true friend.”
Jan Vinney, Former Manager, Manager of Product Engineering, Madison WI


“Vida Groman is the most relational facilitator I have encountered. By approaching people from a place of respect, she elevates group dynamics. She, also, teaches self-insight, which benefits our life activities. Her workshops are dynamic, intelligent, real, and growth producing. Take a risk, you will never be the same!”.
Vickie A. Moerchen, Ph.D., PT, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI


Testimonials for my coaching:

“My coaching sessions have allowed me to truly better understand myself and my individual learning style. Vida pointed out a couple of “nuggets” that I will use in my current role as manager and in my future endeavors as a junior college instructor. Our sessions have moved me in the right direction. I have recommended coaching with Vida to others at my company and believe it can be a “game changer” for individuals”.
Marty Ross, Chicago, IL


“Having the opportunity to work with Vida has been phenomenal. As a coach she never provided the answers but merely guided me to the right solutions. Not only has it helped me to develop as a better leader in my professional life, but it has also helped me to develop stronger relationships in my personal life. Vida has helped me to understand myself better and how to best communicate with others. I wish I could have had the opportunity to work with her years ago!”
Emily Zimbrich, Middleton, WI


“I was fortunate to engage Vida in a series of coaching sessions. Her style and coaching methods allow you to conduct deep introspection and reflection on yourself, or the topic at hand. Another very valued outcome from the sessions was learning new skills from observing Vida’s approach, style and methods. I am definitely stronger personally and professionally because of my time with Vida.”
Vicki Kampmeier, K, WI


“Although I am a counselor myself, Vida’s coaching style was a breath of fresh air. I learned a lot because, at its core, her work with me incorporated my own learning patterns, exposed me to a variety of new spiritual practices and also included traditional counseling methods. Vida was tough and gentle, supportive and challenging, and disclosing and approachable. The result was a holistic counseling experience that has lead to a great deal of personal growth and development on all levels. The world looks different to me now. I suspect it wasn’t the world that changed.”
Gloria Krysiak, Cottage Grove, WI


“Wow, Vida the reading/energy scan session you provided was so powerful. So much amazing info and so different from what I expected. I am still digesting the content and so much of it makes sense with what I have been experiencing as my own blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. It all makes so much sense, and deeply honors and confirms the work I have been guided to do, as well as my challenges in bringing it forth. I felt so deeply peaceful, while you were “reading” me. That lasts to this moment (depsite seeing my own clients, computer, paperwork and general electronic noise). I got such great value from this.”
Claire, Therapist and Life Coach


“The time spent in the energy scan unlocked several doors which had been hidden from view. But they were very familiar. The past life work brought things into focus and the body work helped me heal long time stuck places. Very integrative and helpful experience.”
Jody W. Minister and Spiritual Counselor


“None could imagine, before hand, how one’s world can be reshaped — of a sudden, and in retrospect — by the mere knowledge as to how one is set up (by birth, it would appear) to receive input from the outside world, especially as this relates to interaction with other people.

My wife and I partook of of this short course (Perceptual Thinking Pattern assessment) in revelation together (all of an hour, perhaps), and one understands — in about an instant — what the source of all too many useless arguments have been based upon … which is almost nothing. — Other than an inability to see what’s right before our eyes (and is so extremely simple, but just could not be appreciated until this knowledge is placed before one’s eyes).

It doesn’t hurt (or shouldn’t, anyway!) — it’s mere information, self discovery. One simply identifies the nature or shape of one’s portals for perception, to coin a phrase. And who knew that our ways of perceiving could be so different, one from the other?! With this information, one simply knows, henceforward, the patterns of one’s self (and the other), and in the appreciation of this knowledge, life can reorder itself quite simply, naturally and wonderfully. What amazing stuff!”
Tom, Poet and Husband


I came to Vida in the midst of several life transitions. With her patience and sense of humor she helped me identify old fears and assumptions. She empowered me to uncover my essential self, soul, so I could learn to listen to it and trust….find my own path. Her deep perceptions and positive outlook were very helpful. Vida respected and encouraged my own spiritual journey which is very important to me. I always left her office re-energized with life tools, thoughts to ponder and ideas to try.
Kathy R, Client


“I felt a complete sense of safety with Vida. Feeling safe allowed me to put down my guard, be myself, relax and receive Vida’s healing energy and her intuitive messages that were, somehow, divinely personalized for me. Vida went right for my heart where the tenderness and pain truly resided…and there we went together…to tenderly do the heart work. Such compassion and presence. Vida helped guide and remind me that not only do we give compassion and presence ‘wholehearted’ to others…we must not forget ourselves. I highly recommend that you see Vida if you feel bruised or broken-hearted. Her kindness, joyful humor and healing skills will give you the momentum to break open and break free.”
Carol Kiley, Former High School Counselor, WI