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Special Thanks

Gratitude to My Teachers and Mentors

My mother, Ruthie, used to say, “Something doesn’t come from nothing”. I call statements from my mother “Ruthie-isms”. This Ruthie-ism applies to my entire life. This present moment of my life is made up of millions of moments from my past in which I was guided, supported, loved and believed in by teachers and mentors. I would like to thank them here.

I thank Dawna Markova and Andy Bryner who helped me open doors to myself so that I could begin to “see” me for the first time.

I thank Hedi Weiler for believing in me with her depth of heart and soul and teaching me about compassion and faith.

I thank Paul Ditscheit for showing me “the Lion within” and for helping me stay my course to life and light.

I thank Suzan Pelfrey for never letting me take my eye off the prize of living true and forward and for reminding me how precious it is to love forward.

I thank Bettina de Perez for knowing me for over half my life and loving me; and for speaking such truth with such heart that I can’t help but hear.

I thank Richard Slade and Dan Hanneman, my newest teachers and mentors for taking me to my next steps on my path.

My prayer is this, “May I be a Teacher and Mentor to many as I move forward in my life.”

In Gratitude and Appreciation,