The Pentimento Process teaches you the art of living awake and fully alive!


The following are descriptions of possible tools and skills that might show up in your sessions:



What is Perceptual Thinking Patterns™(PTP)?

The Perceptual Thinking Patterns™ (PTP) model is a concrete tool that can help you learn, process and communicate more effectively in the world. The principles of the model are easy to understand and are immediately applicable in the workplace and in the home.

Why learn PTP?

Individuals receive and express information in different ways. As a result, many miscommunications occur at work and within our intimate relationships. These miscommunications may and often do lead to conflicts and deep hurts.

What are the benefits of PTP?

  • bridge differences in communication.
  • decrease conflict.
  • conduct more productive and inclusive meetings.
  • create dynamic presentations.
  • improve relationships and increase rapport.
  • facilitate collaboration amongst employees, family and community members.
  • increase productivity and ability to provide services.
  • increase parenting skills.
  • increase self-knowledge and foster lifelong learning.
  • create balance and satisfaction in your life.
  • enhance creativity and reflective thinking.

Developed by Dr. Dawna Markova, Ph.D, Perceptual Thinking Patterns, also known as Mind Patterns, provides powerful and unique tools and information for claiming your mind and how it works in all life situations.

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 What is Psychosynthesis?

In essence, Psychosynthesis is a spiritual psychology. It is a process in which personal growth is fostered through using practical techniques from a wide range of modalities from the east and west, from the ancient to the most current thinking. Always, Soul and Spirit is called upon to aid the individual in the reintegrating and synthesizing of all aspects of who they are. The overarching intent is to help raise consciousness of individuals in service of raising the planetary consciousness.

Psychosynthesis believes that each human being has the inner wisdom and desire to move to the next level of personal development. The guide or practitioner’s role is help identify these inner resources, support the process, and be attentive to what is happening.


What is Soul Awareness Healing?

This process engages the Soul and the Heart of the person being healed. The practitioner and client connect with higher energies to bring Soul Awareness to the situation that needs healing or release.


What are Kinesthetic Metaphors such as Centering?

Sometimes wods just do not convey the message. With the use of movement from Ki-Aikido and other modalities, the body receives what the language mind could not.


What is Access Consciousness?

Access Consciousness is one of the most direct and powerful set of tools for clearing blocks, old beliefs and stuck places in your life. This means non-judgment. It also means receiving everything. When we learn how to be non-attached, we create the space in our lives for choice. And when we have choice and not obligation, then life comes to us with ease, joy and glory.


What Are Access Bars?

What are the Access Bars- Access Bars is the foundation tool for clearing stuck places in our lives. This is an in person hands on table session that involves clearing points on the body. The least that will happen is that you will feel incredibly relaxed. The most that can happen is that your life begins to change in amazing ways. All you have to be is open.



What are Energy Scans?

A very powerful and profound intuitive “reading” of a person’s energy field which can reveal life purpose, gifts, elements needing healing and much more.


What is the Pentimento Process?

The Pentimento Process is five-step transformational path that grew out of Vida’s own unique soul journey. It moves beyond the machinations of psychology to the deep inner workings of each individual spirit and soul. It is time-tested and it has proven to be an effective method for any individual willing to set soulful intentions and delve deeper into his or her own limitless possibilities.

Step 1: Together we create a sacred container, a safe space, where Vida can connect with what is True in you already. Then she connects with Spirit and invite you to do the same. As your spiritual companion in this process, she maintains her focused awareness on the belief that you are already healed, whole and healthy.

Step 2: Together we explore what makes you tick, your strengths and challenges, but most importantly, your gifts. How you currently use them in the world and how you would like to use them in the world. Throughout this step you will learn specific skills necessary to free yourself from the unconscious messages of the past. You will also be given customized psychological and spiritual tools to assist you in the future.

Step 3: Together we search out those pieces of yourself that you may have lost along the way. Those beliefs, old contracts and agreements you have made with yourself that keep you from moving forward. Often this will involve release work and Vida can help you draw from a multitude of modalities that will be the most effective for you. Then, we sweep away anything that no longer serves your highest and best good, and focus on what is your purpose for being on this planet.

Step 4: You define and invite in new healthy wholesome beliefs and life-force energy. You redefine yourself and where you want to go from here. You will not be alone–Vida will companion your truth and your transition.

Step 5: You define and set soulful intentions that include personal supported commitments to practice what you have mindfully put into place. You will discover that you now understand your “no’s” and can therefore manifest you “yes’s.” That you have moved from “not enough” to “more than enough,” from “I can’t” to “I can,” and finally, into “I AM.”

Vida has creatively redefined Pentimento. The word originated as an art term referring to a canvas in which you see the original image coming through a correction that was painted over it.

Individual and Couples Sessions:

  • Intuitive Life Coaching
    Intuitive Coaching is a process wherein I support you in finding where you are now and where you want to go next. Through the use of my intuition, as well as yours and your guides, we explore your strengths, your challenges, your blocks and ways to move forward.
  • Conflict Transformation Tools and Process
    Conflict is something that some of us want to run away from, straight to the hills. Some of us charge right into the fray but without any idea of how to find win-win solutions. Either approach does not result in positive solutions. Conflict Transformation is a process of learning about needs, assumptions, asking helpful questions, being centered in the moment and wanting the best outcome for all concerned.
  • Mindfulness Tools
    What you think affects every aspect of your life. Most of the time, you are oblivious to what you are thinking so you are at the mercy of those thoughts. As one of my teachers says, most of what we are thinking is not even ours. So the more aware you are aware of what we are doing “ in there”, the more facile you become with choosing your actions and responses to the world inside and outside of you.

    Mindfulness can include learning meditation tools but it also includes learning about developing the “observer” in us. That is the part of us that is separate from our ego driven life. This observer, when developed, helps us notice our thoughts, helps us change our thinking to more productive avenues of thought and helps us to create the life we really want.

  • Developing Intuition through the use of PTP
    Once you understand how you process information in the world through learning your Personal Thinking Pattern, you will understand how your mind uses certain avenues for developing intuition. For example, some of you, like me, receive intuition through our bodies, through sensation and feelings, or we feel pulled toward an action. Others of you will notice an internal movie, image, insight or an external visual that “just looks important”. And still others will hear that internal voice, song, word, sound or seem to be “called” forward in your life by something. In other words, intuition comes to us differently depending on how your mind processes information.
  • Centering Skills
    You are either in the present moment or you are not. There is no half way. You are either open or not. You have heard, so many times, that it is important to be in the present moment. Yes, that is most important. But how do you get here? Centering skills can be taught. And knowing your PTP can be an avenue for helping you arrive at this present moment.
  • Release Techniques
    Once you uncover outdated beliefs, patterns, and ways of being, it is important to let go or release these stuck energies. There are many techniques and methods for doing just that. I have learned several of them and will support you in your releasing. I will also teach you some techniques for you to use on your own.
  • Personal Thinking Patterns for Groups (PTP)
    Teams function more effectively when each member understands how they learn, process and communicate as well as understanding how each member of the team communicates. PTP is a tool that provides the knowledge for understanding and working with those differences.
  • For Leaders-Teaching Coaching Skills through the Filter of Perceptual Thinking Patterns
    Because we learn differently, we function differently. Because we function differently, we need to be coached or supervised through the road map of our particular thinking pattern. This program provides both basic coaching skills as well as the foundation for understanding and applying PTP principles to a coaching, supervising or leadership situation.
  • Individual Coaching Sessions
    For individuals who desire support to increase their effectiveness, their satisfaction and skills in their work environment.
  • Conflict Transformation Skills
    How do we work with conflict in the work place? Most of us do not know how to do this well so that all parties feel respected, considered and valued. In the Conflict Transformation process, groups learn how to identify the issues or needs, how to listen accurately, be present in the moment, check out assumptions, and more so that solutions created are sustainable and responsive to all the needs presented.