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Notes From The Journey

February 20th, 2015 by VidaGromanAdmin

Welcome to “Notes from the Journey”

I am thrilled to invite you to Notes from the Journey. I have waited such a long time to have a place to share my thoughts, poetry and messages from Spirit with you. The time is now and the place is here.

Let me take a few moments to share with you what I mean when I refer to the “Journey”. The Journey is Life itself. It is the daily experience of showing up, being present and listening for what life has to contribute to each of us and listening for what each of us has to contribute to life. It is the good, the challenging, the joy, the sadness. It is what Zorba the Greek called the Whole Catastrophe.

Along the way on this Journey, I have had many struggles, hardships, joys, laughter and struggles again. Always, I reached out to Spirit for support, help and guidance and Spirit has responded. Sometimes the response has come in the form of poems and powerful thoughts. It is those gifts from Spirit that I will share with you.

I want to open these notes with a poem that came to me during a recent time of struggle, of stretching myself into the next way of being in my life. I offer this with open heart and love.

The Journey Home

I am turning back to myself
I have been gone for so very long

I almost can see myself for who I am in these times
I am young – Oh, so young

And, oh, so scared. And, oh, so lonely

Where do I belong?
Where do I fit in?
Who wants me?
This is what I ache to know the answers to.

Was I that destroyed? Was I that devastated? In a word, yes.

I know why we don’t turn to face the pain.
It is deep. It is life itself and yet we fear we will lose life if we go there.
So we stay away. 30, 40, 50 years or more.

We do live distances from ourself.
Some short, some long. and always empty

I have reached outside myself, leaning into others’ words, views and always come up empty.

There is a difference, I know now, between leaning on others to give us us so we can fill up and letting others support us in excavating into the roots, the core, the heart of our own power.

This is a journey not to be taken alone – never alone, I believe.

Into the fray we must go. It is bumpy. It is cold. It is scary. It is painful. I will not lie.

I am bumpy, I am cold, I am scary, I am painful. I am not a lie.

So why do it? Because it is our very separation from ourself that results in hurting so much. We can not live separated and really live. To re-pair, reconnect with ourself gives us peace, foundation, strength, empowerment, fire, passion, heat, love and life itself. You know that you are. You then know you.

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