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How could my life get better and better every day

February 20th, 2015 by VidaGromanAdmin

Simple. Elegant. Effective. What does that mean? Hello Dear Travelers, I hope you are well and conscious on your journey. Today I want to share with you my thoughts about simplicity. I was meditating a while ago, and realized that I was “trying” to meditate and “trying” to figure out some things in my life. I was very busy with this task, very unconscious with this task until I heard the following: “Why are you making this so difficult? What if your life could be simple, elegant and effective?” (Elegant means something of beauty and high quality) I suddenly woke up. I felt tons of weight lift off my body. What if I could let go into simplicity, into elegance and into effectiveness without trying? I started to use this question everywhere. Something would come up and I would ask, “Will this be simple, elegant and effective? or ” How can I make this simple, elegant and effective?” And things began to open up for me. Remember this? “Ask and you shall receive” I am choosing to believe that life opens up when you ask questions, instead of trying to narrow down to an answer. So my invitation to you is ask questions in your life. And I leave you with beauty… “How could my life get better and better every day?” Ask yourself this question every day and then have a life with no expectation of answers. Then notice what shows up. Blessings

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