The Pentimento Process teaches you the art of living awake and fully alive!



You are from all walks of life and you:

  • Want to clear out the old and live from the new, the place of clarity, connection and vision of what is really yours to be.Want to make a difference in the world that will take us to the next level of consciousness
  • Know it is time to reach beyond what you know into the unknown and with good reason. You know that we are on the verge of big change, big opening into love, connection, integrity that is real, heart centered living and fierce commitment to each other and ourselves.
  • Know that we have a responsibility to each other that is not being spoken about in these times. And the message of that responsibility is, “It does matter how we treat each other.”


  • Torn asunder. Splitting apart with the desire to live alive Something is missing in your life. Lonely, like there is something more for you to be and do.
  • Disconnected from yourself.
  • Your life might be falling apart externally or internally.
  • Numb, depressed, tired, hurting, confused or hungry for yourself and for a connection with something bigger.
  • In the middle of a fire. Hot. “What now?” A whirling dervish not knowing how to spot for balance.
  • You ask questions like, “Where am I, Spirit?” “Where are you, Spirit?” “Can we connect, talk?” “Hello, is there anyone out there?”


You want:

  • To know what the deeper meaning to your life is.Deep connection to yourself and Spirit
  • Hungry for the strength of your own knowing
  • Honesty and courage to be yourself everywhere
  • Deep satisfaction of experiencing joy and beauty
  • To know your purpose
  • To create your life with intention, awareness and compassion
  • To contribute to something bigger


  • I offer you tools and skills.I offer a safe place and container for you to do your work
  • I offer someone who believes in you no matter what
  • I offer life experience, a light to show you that it is possible to heal, move forward and create what you desire.
  • A process for you to find your way home to yourself and the truth of your own being.


  • Wholeness, Peace and Tenderness toward yourself
  • Awareness of your own gifts and how to use them
  • Happiness and joy
  • Openness to possibilities in your life
  • Ability to create what you want
  • Feeling empowered in your living
  • Coming home to your own being


The Pentimento Process path grew out of my own unique soul journey. It moves beyond the machinations of psychology to the deep inner workings of each individual spirit and soul. It is time-tested and it has proven to be a profound method for anyone to set soulful intentions and delve deeper into your own limitless possibilities.

Step 1: Together we create a sacred container, a safe space, where I can connect with what is True in you already. Then I connect with Spirit and invite you to do the same. As your spiritual companion in this process, I maintain my focused awareness on the belief that you are already healed, whole and healthy.

Step 2: Together we allow your Soul to “conduct” your journey for that session. Your Soul will bring to you the issue, event or energy that needs attention at that time. We might explore your strengths, challenges, lessons and gifts within that context.

Step 3: Together we search out those pieces of yourself that you may have lost along the way. Those beliefs, old contracts and agreements you have made with yourself that keep you from moving forward. Often this will involve release work and I can help you draw from a multitude of modalities that will be the most effective for you. Then, we sweep away anything that no longer serves your highest and best good, and focus on what is your next best step for creating the life you desire and deserve.

Step 4: You define and invite in new healthy wholesome beliefs and life-force energy. You redefine yourself and where you want to go from here. You will not be alone–I will companion your truth and your transition.

Step 5: You define and set soulful intentions that include personal supported commitments to practice what you have mindfully put into place. You will discover that you now understand your “no’s” and can therefore manifest you “yes’s.” That you have moved from “not enough” to “more than enough,” from “I can’t” to “I can,” and finally, into “I AM.”

Throughout each session, you will learn specific skills necessary to free yourself from the unconscious messages of the past. You will also be given customized psychological and spiritual tools to assist you in the future.

If you are looking for professional growth opportunities in:

  • small family-owned business,
  • multi-national corporations,
  • educational institutions
  • non-profit agencies,

I can assist you or your organization in effectively utilizing what many are coming to call the new consciousness technologies, which enable you to make a positive, powerful, impact on our world.

Is This You-Last Words…….
My clients come with a deep, sometimes unspoken commitment, to living a life grounded in honesty, courage and fierce integrity. They want to be who they really are. They know that the entire planet is on the verge of enormous changes. They feel it deep within their heart and soul. They aspire to live a heart-centered life, knowing with full confidence that all abundance and prosperity will be born of that. They are willing to tell the truth: that it does matter how we treat ourselves, and one another.

My clients are willing to work hard, to listen deeply to the yearning within their own heart, to have compassion for themselves and each other, and finally, to play in the sandbox of life, which has been offered to us by the Divine.

So if:

  1. You hunger to discover and live your passion.
  2. You have a deep yearning to want to try something new.
  3. You are willing to try to do something beyond that which you have already mastered.
  4. You know you can’t do it on your own.
  5. Your deepest desire is to live your life in complete alignment with your soul purpose.
  6. You are willing to examine your own blind spots, to heal and to realize your dreams personally or professfionally,

You are in the place! You are at the right time!

Give me a call and lets get started.