The Pentimento Process teaches you the art of living awake and fully alive!

About Pentimento

The Pentimento Process reaches beyond psychology to teach you the art of living awake and fully alive! .

Welcome to the online presence of Vida Groman and the Pentimento Process. This focused mindful (conscious) process was originated and created by Vida to empower you with the skills and tools necessary to lead a life completely aligned with your soul’s intention and your true-life purpose.

Do you know why you are here, on this planet, at this amazing time? Or what you want to accomplish with your life? What unique gifts you might offer that the world desperately needs, right now? Or have the answers to these questions eluded you, left you feeling lonely and confused?

Thirty years ago, Vida Groman, an educator, counselor and communications consultant, following her own soul’s call to lead a more elegant, expansive and abundant life, by embarking on a life-long healing journey to find the answers to these questions. This long and sometimes painful path eventually revealed to her—her own soul’s purpose. It was simply to assist others in discovering their own.

To help others find and connect with their own higher-purpose, their own divine source, their own spirit and soul, Vida developed the Pentimento Process. This highly accessible process will gently guide you along your own soul journey, while honoring your intuitive gifts, broken places and fragile dreams. The Pentimento Process is ultimately about helping you facilitate your own connection with Source and teaching you how to cultivate the art of living fully engaged, awake and alive.

Those who have worked with Vida celebrate with grateful hearts her soul’s journey as well as their own. Please join Vida by exploring what she and the Pentimento Process can offer you.