The Pentimento Process teaches you the art of living awake and fully alive!

About Vida

I earned my masters degree in counseling from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. For the past 30 years, I have studied and have certifications in multiple healing modalities. I think of myself as a healer, educator, counselor, coach, and communications consultant. I offer workshops, classes and counseling in areas of conflict transformation, team building, learning patterns, and new ways of thinking . Also, I have extensive training in Perceptual Thinking Patterns-PTP and Psychosynthesis Center of Wisconsin. As a result of my many areas of study, I use a multi-sensory approach to learning and healing. This allows individuals, couples, and groups to engage their bodies as well as their minds, as they embrace their own highest and greatest-good and growth. I can often be heard on Wisconsin Public Radio’s At Issues Show with Ben Meren.

My own spiritual journey began when I was ten-years-old with the onset of my father’s illness. It was a very intense and difficult time. Why was this all happening? I questioned the meaning of life. Why was I here? What was I supposed to be doing with my life? I longed for a connection with something larger. Something that could, and would, answer my questions. If only I could find the door that would access this Source. I knew it was out there. Somewhere. In the summer of 1960, it came, in the form of a book, The Prophet by Kahil Gibran, given to me by a camp counselor. The journey began in earnest.

Today, I know now that the purpose of growth and change is life itself. It is life longing for life. It is our nature, the essence of who we really are. We were designed to create and to grow just like the Divine. We have a right to live playfully, powerfully and passionately in this world. I believe that now, more than any other time on our planet, we are being called to live our true-nature, and I have spent a lifetime companioning others as they seek and set intentions to live large soul-filled lives.